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We Find the Money So You Can Go Get It--

We Focus on Major Giving

Major gifts are the largest donations an organization receives. Defining a major gift at your organization will largely depend on the size of your organization, your fundraising history, and the amount of your average donation. Smaller organizations may consider $2,000 to be a major contribution while at larger nonprofits, major gifts may start at $50,000 or even $100,000. Considering their potential impact on your fundraising totals and ultimately your nonprofit's ability to carry out its mission, a robust major giving program is a priority.

We Start with What You Have

Starting with your nonprofit's database, we analyze giving histories to identify potential major gift candidates who may be hiding there. Then, using publicly available information resources, we create comprehensive profiles that enable your fundraising team to familiarize themselves with potential funders' personal and professional backgrounds including their philanthropic interests and wealth estimates.


We Branch Out

Next we branch out into the community to identify, research, and evaluate potential major gift funders outside of your organization whose philanthropic interests align with your nonprofit's mission.

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We Put the Pieces Together

Finally, we help you put all those pieces of information together to not only develop the cultivation and solicitation strategies most likely to produce a successful ask result in a major gift but to also establish a solid foundation for a mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship. 

Our Solutions

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