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Prospect and Donor Research

The Right Information Creates Infinite Possibilities

Rationale for Research

  • Targets a nonprofit's fundraising efforts

  • Identifies potential funders whose philanthropic interests align with a nonprofit's mission AND whose financial capacity allows major giving.

  • Enables a nonprofit organization to develop strategic fundraising plans based upon the needs of both the nonprofit AND the prospect or donor

  • Enables the creation of comprehensive personal and professional profiles on potential funders so you and your team can develop and execute successful solicitation strategies

  • Enables fundraisers to more easily build genuine but strategic relationships with potential prospects and donors

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Elements of Research

  • Publicly available online and print information sources

  • Nonprofit's organization's database

  • Current staff, supporters, and volunteers

  • Former clients, customers, patients, etc.
  • Community contacts

Our Solutions

We use sources of publicly available information to identify and target potential individual and organizational funders who's philanthropic interests match with your nonprofits mission.  Then, through further information research and analysis, we build comprehensive personal and professional profiles on those prospects/donors that enable you and your team to match the right funders with the right funding initiatives and begin building relationships with them.

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