Grant Proposal Writing

Telling Your Story

What is a Grant Proposal?

Our Solutions

  • Find and Research Funders and Funding Solutions

  • Proposal Strategy Development

  • Proposal Writing

  • Letters of Inquiry

  • Submission Letters

  • About the Organization

  • Introduction

  • Needs Assessment

  • Program Goals and Objectives

  • Implementation and Sustainability Plan

  • Program Evaluation Plan

  • Proposal Editing and Revision

 Elements of Grant Proposal Writing

  • Researching and identifying optimal funding opportunities

  • Meeting with nonprofit organization stakeholders to develop the best funding strategy for each proposal

  • Writing proposals that demonstrate a clear understanding the conditions of the grant and that clearly articulates how a nonprofit organization meets those conditions

    • How the project relates to the interest of the funder

    • How the nonprofit plans to execute the project

    • How the results of the project will be evaluated

    • How long it will take to complete the project

Benefits of Hiring a Grant Writer

  • Their sole responsibility to an organization is to develop and write the proposal according to the funder’s requirements:

    • Manage the funding application process

    • Adhere to application, proposal development, and submission guidelines

    • Ensure pre/post-award deadlines are met

  • Bring the benefit of a fresh perspective:

    • Asks new questions

    • Raises new possibilities

    • Suggests fresh ways to present the case for support

  • Industry professional experienced at finding additional funding opportunities and forging ongoing relationships with funders

A grant proposal is the written story of your organization and the specific initiative for which you are seeking to secure funding. The keys to a successful proposal are identifying funders that most closely align with your nonprofit's mission, evaluating their interest in your nonprofit, and detailing your case for funding--the "who, what, when, where, why, and how?" of your proposal.

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